Ejaculation or Cumming is a sign of male orgasm. Every man in this world release cum or semen when they are at an orgasmic pleasure state. According to call girls, men get orgasm faster and easier than women. As women can get multiple orgasms but men require a refractory time to get back on track, men because for some reason like to cum on different areas on woman’s body.

As las vegas call girls explain, there are several reasons as to why do men like to cum in a woman’s mouth. The concept of Cumming in mouth first introduced in porn movies as a form of sex especially oral sex. Slowly it becomes famous and men started to like it due to some reason.

The reason why men like to cum in woman’s mouth

According to experienced las vegas call girls professionals, men like to cum in woman’s mouth because of these reasons:-

Intense pleasure feeling:- Cumming in a woman’s mouth not only makes men like Cumming but the main reason why men like it because it gives an intensely pleasurable feeling both physical and emotional. Men feel sexually better when they cum in a woman’s mouth.

Mouth stimulates more nerves due to tongue:- Like a vagina, a woman’s mouth gives an intense feeling of stimulation due to an appropriate heat and soft structure of tongue, which stimulates the highest amount of nerves and gives the best sexual arousal.

Some woman enjoys it:- Men like to cum in a woman’s mouth because some woman likes it. As partners, some women like to get to cum in their mouth and this makes men feel good to make their partners wish come true.

Cum taste good:- A healthy diet and regular health maintenance make your cum healthier and sweeter which makes a woman like it. A healthier cum benefits both men and women, a healthier cum is a symbol of better fertility and it makes women skin better as a healthy cum have these properties.

A sense of satisfaction:- There are many occasions where even after having complete sex and a good orgasm, men don’t get satisfied because the proper satisfaction is only achieved is by a good ejaculation thus to get proper satisfaction, men like to cum in a woman’s mouth.

Feeling of power:- Cumming in woman’s mouth makes men get a feeling of ruler or domination. Men always like to be the decision-maker or dominating in a relationship and releasing cum in a woman’s mouth on his wish gives him a good feeling of power.

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